• Share your love of needle arts this Father's Day weekend!

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    Everyone will be bustling around gathering their goods for the bar-b-ques that are certain to happen this weekend. But while you're sitting around the picnic tables and fire pits with your loved ones, you can be keeping your idle hands busy with your latest knit or crochet project! You know your family members are always interested in your recent finishes and latest projects, so why not sit and knit while you visit? Be sure to stop in and pick up your yarn and supplies!

    I learned to crochet and knit when I was about 7 years old. Both of my grandmothers crocheted and my mother dabbled in all the needle arts. I had three really great teachers. My Nana would make afghans and pillows and her favorite pattern to make was the Apache Tears afghan. She made a lot of Mile-A-Minute afghans too. I still have one of each that she made for me. I wold spend all of my school vacations and a lot of time during the summer staying at my grandparents house. My Nana would be sure we made a trip to the five-and-dime store to pick up a supply of yarn and she's go through her stash and give me some of her remnants. I was in heaven! She and I would sit for hours crocheting together.

    My Grammie always had a ball of cotton thread and a steel hook in her hands. She enjoyed making doilies. She traveled a lot so small projects made sense.  She would spent time with each of her children and their families so we got to see my Grammie for a month or so at a time. I would spend hours sitting at the foot of her chair watching her crochet while she watched her "shows" (soap operas) on TV.

    As I grew older my love of crochet continued to be a big part of my life. Knitting I would pick up every now and then and I still do. I like to call it "dabbling in the dark arts" since I tend to shock those closest to me when they see me with needles in my hands instead of a hook! But my love of crochet began at a very young age when I was just hanging out with my grandmothers. So when you're enjoying your bar-b-ques this weekend and spending time with family and friends, perhaps your enjoyment of needle arts will begin to rub off on some of your loved ones!


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  • I'll bet you've been wondering ...

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    ... how the Grand Opening at our NEW LOCATION went! It was fantastic!! We saw a lot of our regular clients stop in throughout the weekend and we met a lot of new people too! We hope that you enjoyed the weekend as much as we did! It was great seeing  and meeting all of you and showing you around.

    As everyone who stopped in and saw, we have a lot of new yarn in stock, three teaching areas and a huge assortment of patterns, books and accessories. We even have a new Project Bag that's selling fast!  (Hint: stop in and get yours!)

    Come join us for some of our knitting and crochet classes or bring a project in and sit and knit a while!

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  • Grand Opening Event

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    Today's the day, we can hardly wait

     Until 10:00 when we open the gate!

    To welcome our friends, old and new

     And some who have never been here too!

    The move took a lot of effort and sweat

     But to look at the results - we have no regret

    Our new store location

     All shinny and new

    And we hope all our customers

     Will enjoy it too!

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  • Grand Celebration & Exciting New Classes!

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    We will be holding a Grand Celebration this coming weekend and are excited to show you around our new store! There's a variety of new classes scheduled for June:  Acorn Cap, 4 Square Tee, High Chapparal Shawl, Blue Half Moon Shawl, Beaded Necklace Scarf, Carnation Top and more!  So be sure to read our latest newsletter and stop in and see all the items on display around the store.

    Not on our email list? No worries - just send us an email with a subject line of "Newsletter, please" and we will be sure to add you! 

    It's never too early to begin working on Holiday gifts. We are starting in June with the Acorn Cap (hat) for kids.  This is a fun pattern to make ... you'll want to make one for all the little ones in your life!

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  • Save the date: Grand Opening at our New Location: June 3 & 4, 2017

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    Laurie has worked tirelessly at the new store location to get things in order and looking great for the Grand Opening event, June 3 & 4, at Hooked Knitting's new location:  65 Eastern Ave., Essex, MA.

    Hooked Knitting is OPEN for business while we prepare for the upcoming Grand Opening event. Please stop in & check out all the new items in the store and be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, June 3rd and Sunday, June 4th as we celebrate our new store location!

    We look forward to showing you around the new store!



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