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Spending time sitting around the table working on our latest creations, I listen as others chat about their projects and there's a common theme among our visitors. The happiness in their voices and the smiles on their faces as they attempt and successfully complete a new stitch or pattern section.

Whether crochet or knit, there's a sense of pride that goes along with the hours we spend on our projects and there's a great feeling of joy when our students master that new stitch. Hooked Knitting is after all a place of new stitches. We encourage. We coach. We mentor ... and We teach. We teach the basics as well as the more complicated stitches and patterns. And when we teach, we don't just show our students how to do a stitch, but we also explain why the stitch is created the way it is, what it does to the overall project, how it will look when it's done correctly, and yes, we even coach when our students have to frog or deknit.

So if you have a pattern that you've found and are maybe just a bit intimidated by it, bring it in and sit with us. We'll get you started with your new project, we'll be here to coach you along the way, and we'll be here to cheer as you complete it! Hooked is, after all, a place of new stitches!


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