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To me, weaving in ends means ...

I'm about to complete my latest project and this leads to a feeling of satisfaction and pride. Some people don't mind weaving in ends but most people don't enjoy it. Some dread the thought of "all those ends." Being faced with a sea of ends sticking out here and there may feel like a huge project that will never end, but look at the positive side of things! As you sit and weave in the ends, think about all the hours you've put into your latest creation. This is a time to reflect on all the hard work you've accomplished!

There is a right and wrong way to weave in your ends. You should travel up and down the item, not back and forth across a row. This will ensure that the ends will stay tucked in where you put them and will not pull out our unravel.

Confused? Have questions? Bring your item in and let us help you figure out the best method to weave in those ends.

And if you really don't want to weave in the ends, we offer that as a service at Hooked. Contact us and arrange to bring your item in for an estimate.

Good luck and happy endings!


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