• June 1,2018

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    Summer is here and we are still wearing jackets. The weather has been so NewENGLAND.

    Hooked Extravaganza is selling like hot cakes. If you are interested in going get your tickets in the store. 45.00  a piece. What a fun afternoon. 

    Shirt class has ended,. We are running it for an additional month. The response was so great. 

    Sock society is in the 3 rd sock for the season. Join in anytime.

    We now have a book club that meets 1 night a month. It has been very well received. The book we just finished is The Great Alone.. Great read . Recommend it to all. 

    We at hooked bowl 1 night a week. Wednesday nights, Good way to get some energy burned off. A lot of fun and laughs.. 

    If you are interested in any of these events just come in and sign up. 

    Vogue is coming to Portland Maine April 2019. We are all going to this great event. We will be going as a group. If interested come sign up for the complete week or just 1 day your choice. Great learning , new ideas and lots of fun..

    Classes this summer

    Sock society, t shirt class, beach bag, poncho for fall.

    If these classes are interesting for you just come in and sign up.

    Winter pompoms have arrived. All colors They seem to run out fast so get your color now.

    Enjoy your summer ,, Look at post often . We are always doing fun things. 


    Sonya returns for the Extravaganza, For all of you that miss her.


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  • POST CRAWL 2018

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    WOW... The crawl has ended... What a fun time we had by all. You are all waiting for the unscrambled word... FRIENDSHIP... we had 3 winners,.. They will be notified by phone.. Congradulations.

    We this year have a fabulous new yarn company CESTARI YARN.. What a lovely yarn.. So glad to bring it in to the shop...

    Door prizes will be pulled tomorrow by my staff Good luck to all...

    Remember we have our clearance on sunday.. Tickets only......

    see you then.



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  • March 2018

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    March has arrived. 

    Hooked had no power yesterday 2 to 6 pm..

    Yes we have power today.. 

    We are all getting ready for the yarn crawl. The store will be rearranged with new items.. Everyday is an exciting  new task for all. We will have classes  to sign up for on the crawl. Spring calander. New hours. New people.  Spring has sock society.. great patterns , great yarns. 

    See you at the crawl.



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  • February 2018 Basic news

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    Wow February is half over and the crawl is right around the corner. The shawls for the crawl are available  on raverly. The knitted and crochet shawl are beautiful.. 

    Thank-you to are designers.  There are 9 stores for the crawl this year,.  Make sure you get your passports. Each store has there own color. Pink is hooed color. It will be 4 fabulous days. My store will be open 9 to 9 each day.. 

    January was mitten month.. That went well. 

    Crochet class this am. basic crochet. 

    New instructors and new faces Come meet the team. 


    New yarns ; Daisy by knit one crochet too/ Aalta baskets.. these are running out the door. New shipment in 2 weeks. 

    Enjoy the rest of february and see you at the crawl.



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  • January 2018

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    Wow.. 2018 HAS ARRIVED.. Hooked has just made 5 years,. WOW. 5 hard years. We have new classes. Sign up early. January is mitten month. You cant have to many mittens. All classes are prices till the project is finished. Sign up on line. 

    We are moving forward for the crawl. Keep the dates free. 3RD week in March. 

    New class weaving 101 the true basics. Come join us on this new adventure.

    New class embroidery with shading. This is a 1 on 1 class. very fun. sign up in store.

    Well, we all have recovered from the holiday. I am looking forward to Oct2018. Vegas here we come. 

    Congratulations to Cathy on finishing her skirt. Her skirt is headed to Paris. Yes ladies Paris.. How fun is that. 

    We will be challanging all our skills this year. Each project should have a technique that you are not use to. That is what makes you a great knitter.

    I am working on a blanket for my sister, dresses for Vegas, and knit to hire.. Come look at all the possabilities.. 

    Have a safe Thursday.. 12 INCHES OF SNOW.. Oh no... 





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